Every once in a while I make a card or a project that I’m really happy with.  The Halloween Pals card made me so happy.  I just had so much fun making it and the more I added to it, the more I liked it.  I almost went overboard with the embellishments, but it screamed Halloween and the fun and bling that Halloween reminds me of.

I have to say though, how do I make another card that comes close to being as much fun as that one?  I’m hoping a stamp set I have Tableau of Terror, will be the centerpiece of it though.  It’s got all the scary characters you would expect on a Halloween card and I’m so excited to use it as I just got it after Halloween last year.  I had a brand new YouTube channel and a lovely woman named Elicia, contacted me and asked if she could send me a box of goodies.  She sent so many great things and I was so honored and proud that she would think I was worthy of the box of goodies she sent.  She sent another lady a box of goodies and then sent me a second box with the Tableau of Terror in it.  I could never thank her enough for her generosity or how she made me feel like my channel was worth watching.  I stopped hearing from her and I’ve always wondered if I did something to upset her somehow.  If I did, I hate the idea that I let her down in some way and wish I knew what I could do to make it up to her.  So at this point the best I can do is honor her by using the things that she sent me and thank her on each video in the hopes that someday she will respond.  She and I bot love Halloween and Halloween inspired videos.  I hope I do her goodies justice.


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