How To Subscribe to a YouTube Channel

I’ve had a lot of people say they wish they could subscribe to my YouTube channel but don’t know how.  I thought I’d do a quick tutorial on just how to be a subscriber.

First, you need to log into YouTube. enter

The first page will give you the option to sign in that’s found in the top right corner of the page that says sign in.  You will click on the sign in box and if you have a gmail address, it may prefill it, but if not, put your email address where it asks for it and create a password.  You’ll be asked to put your password in twice and then click enter.  If you have a gmail address, you will use the password you use when signing into gmail.

Now that you have signed in to YouTube, you can subscribe to any channel by clicking the subscribe button that is sometimes in the bottom right corner of their videos or can always be found on the home page of the YouTuber you want to subscribe to.   At the top of their home page you’ll find the picture they use for their channel, below the picture is the name of their channel and to the right of their name, you should find the word subscribe.  Click the word subscribe and once you do, the word will change to subscribed with a checkmark beside it.  You might wonder why you should subscribe to a channel.  The best answer to that is it makes it easier to find YouTube channels that you like.  On your home page on the top left side will be the word YouTube and to the left of YouTube will be three horizontal bars.  If you click on those bars, there will be a list of several categories.  One of those written in red is “subscriptions.”  From here you can click on the individual name of the channel or the word subscriptions, and a large listing of your subscriptions will appear in the center of the page.

I hope this helped you in understanding the whys and how of subscribing to channels on YouTube.


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