How to Leave a Comment on YouTube and Like a Video

In order to leave a comment or like a video, you must be logged in to YouTube. If you are on the YouTube home page, (, on the top right corner is a spot to sign in.  You can click that link and use whatever email account you have to sign in.  If you have a gmail account, the sign in will prefill with you gmail account.  You can use any traditional email account (I’m not sure if you can use your employer’s or college’s email.)  You will need to create a password and then enter.  Once you are logged in to YouTube, you can leave comments simply by clicking inside the comment box below a video and typing your comment.  Once you are finished with your comment, click the blue box that says “comment” and your comment should change colors.

To “like” a video, you need to be logged in to YouTube as well. Below the video, you’ll see a thumb up and that is the “like” button.  If you click on this, you are saying that you like the video.  The thumbs down is used if you don’t like the video.  I’ve never used this button because it’s my belief that if I don’t like a video, I just stop watching it.  I think it would make sense to use this if you find the video offensive or in poor taste.  It’s entirely up to you.

I hope you found this information helpful.


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