Handmade Paper and Ribbon Card with Bow Jig Demonstration

This sympathy card is for the grandmother of our niece and nephew on their mother’s side.  I wanted to make a card that was simple yet elegant.  I started with 10″ x 7″ white 110 pound cardstock scored on the 10″ length at 5″. The sentiment came from Creative Times and is from a set called Floral Sayings.  I used Distress Ink Antique Linen ink pad and ran it over the front of the card until the paper was completely covered in the ink.  I used light yellow handmade paper that I got from A.C. Moore and cut a strip that was about an inch high and seven inches long and used distressing scissors so the edges weren’t straight.  I put gold speckled washi tape in the center of the yellow paper and attached them to the inside below the sentiment.  I dried the front paper because the ink hadn’t dried and then I cut the yellow handmade paper into squares.  Two that were 2 1/4″ across and I used a patterned paper cut in a square that was 2″ square.  I glued them together centering the patterned paper on the yellow paper with Art Glitter Glue.   The center piece of patterned paper is 3″ and the yellow paper is 3 1/4″ square.  I put a piece of fun foam under the patterned paper using tear tape to adhere it and used the yellow handmade 3 1/4″ piece in the center of the card.  I did not glue the patterned paper down.  Before I put the center yellow piece down,  I glued the smaller squares on the top left corner about 1/16″ from the top and left corner) and the bottom right corner (same distance from the edges) with a Stampin’ Up glue stick.  I used the bow jig with yellow ribbon that had a brown edge that matched my patterned paper and created a bow that was about 2″ across.  I ran the excess ribbon around the back of the 3″ patterned paper and glued it to the back.  I put tear tape on the back of more ribbon and put strips of it on the front of the card.   I used the same gold speckled washi tape on the flap of the envelope.  I hope you like this card.  It’s simple yet elegant.


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