I wanted to make a thank you card for our friends that organized the landscaping party we attended yesterday at our friends’ home.  I think sometimes people are overlooked when they do a really good deed and this certainly counts as one.  Our friend Carl, and his wife, Leslie, organized the labor, the tools, made the food and arranged for everyone to bring tools and minimal food items.  They did such a great job and the day and the work progressed so smoothly, you’d have thought we’d all been working together forever.  Of course I wasn’t much help in the landscaping, weeding and mulching arena, but asked for other jobs and was able to help with kitchen duties, sweeping and keeping the dishes clean and put away throughout the day.  I wanted to make a card for our friends to thank them for all that they did and for what the day meant to us.  We are all tired and sore today, but in a great way.  We really feel like we gave back and that’s always a terrific feeling.


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