I got this message when I logged into my site this morning and thought I would just attach it so you can see it.

Encourage your US-based visitors to register to vote by adding a subtle prompt to your site.


Do you think that was subtle enough?

I thought I would tell you about my trip to Joann’s.  I am an addict.  It’s official.  I walked around that store and up and down every aisle. I probably could have bought a lot more than I did until this happened.  I wanted to buy another pair of the Fiskars Easy Action scissors that I love.  If you watch my videos, I did a run down of a lot of different types of scissors and these are my favorite for ease of use and convenience.  Here’s the part that made me laugh.  They moved them to the top row, so if you do have some issues with mobility, you won’t be reaching them. Now they have a lock on them that says, “Ask for assistance.”   I probably would have had to ask for assistance anyway because of their height, but now they assured themselves that I’d be asking, since it is now locked into place.   At our Joann’s location, you have to ask for assistance for Spellbinders dies and now some, not all, of the Fiskars line of scissors.  I guess shoplifting must be reaching an all-time-high for scissors and dies.  I’m ok with it (since I couldn’t reach the scissors anyway), but the funny part was the “assistance” I got, couldn’t figure out how to work the lock so had to ask for assistance.  This could have gone on all day, but luckily assistant number two had the secret code to unlocking the lock.  Oh, and the first assistant brought some device that she thought was a key but made the second assistant laugh really hard.  I don’t know what it was, but clearly it wasn’t a key.  Oh, how I long for an A C Moore,  Hobby Lobby or Michaels.


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