I had a great idea (or at least I thought it was a great idea) for a card.  I was going to make a window with shutters, without using a die.  I thought I could use my score board and create the shutters with the score board and also create siding by scoring the paper.  I wanted to make a card with a flower basket below the window and have flowers cascading below the basket and add some three-d flowers into the basket as well.  I’m not sure why it looks so bad, but the video is probably an hour long and I’m still not done with the card.  I thought it would look great if I put acetate over the windows, and the glue that was supposed to be “invisible,” currently is not.  I really thought I could make this a cute card, and I’ve spent so much time on it, that I hate to scrap it now.  I used some really cool techniques on the card.  I put a couch inside and made it a patterned material by “kissing” two stamps together.  The couch looks ok, but the rest of the room looks odd.  The couch seems like it’s too large or, I’m not sure, just out of place.  I hate it when I put so much time into something and have it turn out so badly, I can’t use the video, and worse, I can’t send it to anyone.  I really thought this was a good idea and that it would be really cute.  It’s not.  I guess I’ll have to add this to my “thought it would be a great idea, but wasn’t,” pile.  Some crafty days just turn out badly I guess.  Darn it.

On a brighter note, the card I made yesterday that I really was unhappy with, doesn’t look so bad now.  Maybe I’ll have the same thing happen to this one.  I seriously doubt it.


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