I decided today to get serious about a project I am working on for friends.  They are having a baby shower for their son and daughter-in-law and asked if I would make their invitations.  Normally I would say no to a project this extensive, but my friend is ill and I can’t say no to him or his wife.

I’m using the onesie template that I made in an earlier card, and the mother wants an autumn theme.  So far I have given her four ideas and am waiting for her to get back to me with the one she likes best.  I used a sock monkey holding a baby rattle in one, a pumpkin with candy corn on either side of it for the second, one with three pumpkins in a half circle as the third option, and finally, a little girl dressed as a pumpkin for Halloween for the fourth choice.  I changed her candy basket to a small heart and it looks cute.  I was pretty sure she would pick the little girl, and in the end, she did.  The girl will require coloring with something other than alcohol markers as they will bleed through the paper, so I’m leaning toward using water based markers and a blender pen.  I’m also going to highlight the colors with colored pencils so it’s a brighter image.  I guess we’ll wait to see how they come out.

Of course I’m making a video of the making of the invitation, so you’ll see the process and the end result.  I’m making twenty five of them and anticipate this taking a very long time to finish.  The shower is October 30th.  Time is of the essence.  Yikes!


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