I’ve been working on two projects today.  I painted the stars that will be a part of the child’s chair that I’m putting flowers into and then re-painted the chair itself.  This is the third color for the chair as the blue I used was too bright and the new yellow color was school bus yellow and I hated it, and now I’m using a lighter yellow.  The chair is yet to have a coat of polyurethane on it and neither have the wood stars.  I had been given some cute candy corn from our niece, and it turned out that they were not wood (I’m not sure why I thought they were), and they instead, are foam.  Foam isn’t going to work for this outdoor chair, so back to the drawing board.  I need to find another item that will be fall inspired, to be attached to the chair by magnets.  My last piece to attach are small daisies that should look great with the yellow chair.   All in all, this chair has been a problem from beginning to end.  (It’s not even the end and I’m not sure when it will be.)   It seems like I’ll be giving them the chair in the spring with tulips and forget about the mum I already gave them for inside the chair.

The other project are the baby shower invitations.  Rich spent almost the entire day printing the inside information on them as the writing was very specific with a very specific theme.  I’m hoping they will like the inside, but there is a lot of information and confetti, so it’s a little bit busy looking.  I finally got the first finished invitation around 6PM, so worked on it for a long time, as I wanted to make sure that I really like the look of the outside of the card.  I’m not exactly sure if she will like it, but I’m hoping she will.  I chose a pink pattern to put on as a background and I don’t think it’s a dark enough color.  I’m going to work on distressing the edges and I need to buy some ribbon and bling to really make it cute.  Right now, it ok, but just ok.  I can’t give our friends something that is just ok and I need to make twenty-five of them, so ok is not an option.  I need to get serious about these invitations as time is of the essence.


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