A Spooky Halloween Spider Banner Wreath, Easy to Make

I wanted to replicate a Christmas wreath into a Halloween wreath.  So I bought an 8″ wide wreath form from A C Moore and five sheets of scrapbook 12″ x 12″ paper from Joanns.  I cut my 12″ paper into 1 1/2″ strips.  I used Art Glitter glue to attach the papers to themselves.  I pulled the strips of paper through the inside of the mold and made sure that they were even and then glued it all the way to the form and made sure it was tightly adhered to itself.  The Art Glitter Glue worked really well for this, but any fast acting glue would work.  Overlap the strips so you can’t see the mold.  I made four strips of each of my papers and had a total of six papers that were double sided.  I had to use one of the backs of the pieces of scrapbook paper because you end up needing one extra piece or you will end up duplicating papers side by side at the end. Before you put your last paper in place,  wrap some thick twine or thick embroidery floss around the form and tie it so it will be what you hang your wreath from.  Then apply your last paper.  After all of your papers are glued down,  you will cut your banner ends out of your papers.  You can either made a template and cut each with the template laying on top of each paper or eyeball it and cut your banners by cutting into the middle and then cutting diagonally to the center cut on both sides.  I added a spider web doily behind the wreath and some embellishments I had in my stash.  I added some plastic spiders as well.  I thought it looked really cute when it was done.
I recommend doing this project on a silicone mat and keeping a wet wipe handy to wipe excess glue with.


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