I spent most of the day today doing two things, cutting out onesies and shopping for bling and ribbon for on the onesies.  I wasn’t sure how long it would take to trace the onesie pattern onto the cards and then cut them out, but let me tell you, your hands start to really feel it after you’ve done the first ten.  I pushed through to sixteen and threw in the towel (for now), and then went shopping.

I need to find some bling that will work well on the invitations.  Right now, they need something to make them cute and worth sending. Naturally our only craft store is Joanns, so this involved driving almost an hour for some serious shopping.   I went to AC Moore and Hobby Lobby and bought small rhinestones and ribbon.  Of course I couldn’t find orange ribbon to match the Halloween theme, so I went with a light pink that will match the color I’m stamping on the background.  I’m not in love with the invitations yet, but hoping the bling will turn my thinking around.  I can’t fail at this project because I don’t want to disappoint my friends and I won’t give them something that I’m embarrassed or just not thrilled with.  I know they are giving these to their friends and family and definitely don’t want to put them in a position where they look at them and are appalled at how they look.

On a side note,  I’m surprised how hard it is to find orange ribbon this time of year.  What’s the deal that I can find purple but not orange?  What’s Halloween coming to anyway?  Geez, give a girl a break, will ya?


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