The invitations are coming right along.  I have all of them painted and the ribbon on fourteen of them and the Stickles on five.  So I have five out of twenty five finished!  I’m shooting to have them done by Sunday and hope that it’s doable.  I have things that take time to dry like the ribbon that really wants to unbraid itself and required Fray Stoppa (catchy name huh?) and wet glue to keep the ends from unbraiding.  I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me that this ribbon would be problematic, I just bought it because it was cute.  Note to self–I need to be more practical when it comes to projects like this one.

I was going to go to a couple of garage sales today just to give myself a break from the invitations, but helped put up the video instead and then went back to working on invitations.  I am going to get out of the house for a little while tomorrow, or I may end up making some big mistakes on the invitations because I’m so obsessed with them.  I may not get them done on Sunday either, because everything takes time and I don’t want to rush it and have some of them turn out looking crazy.  (That could happen, you know.)

If I didn’t tell you already, I finally finished the child’s chair for my girlfriend.  It’s crazy, but I had one out of sixteen embellishments whose magnet I glued on backwards.  It is now glued on correctly and I’m going to take some final photos tomorrow and put the video together once I finish the invitations.  I’m really looking forward to getting back into other projects as it seems I’ve been making these invitations for a month or so.  Ok, at least two weeks..  It’s definitely feeling like I’ve been doing these for a lot longer than I have.  Remind me I’m not equipped to do a project like this again.  It’s just too life consuming for me.


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