I’m almost finished with the invitations, but decided they needed something on the sleeves.  I had bought some light pink tiny rhinestones that worked perfectly and it took less time than I thought to apply them.  I had thirty five rows that allowed me to easily attach seventeen of the invitations and then the other seven or eight, I had to piece rows together on the sleeve as the rows weren’t long enough to complete two sleeves.  I thought it would be a lot worse to attach eight rhinestones in a row and then another five to make one sleeve, but it was really not awful.

I did have to re-Stickle (not exactly sure how to say that any other way), because some of the outfits weren’t really glittery and I wanted them to really be consistent.  I had a bottle of deep orange that looked great but was kind of thick and really hard to apply evenly.  I guess if I had to say the part of the project that was the most time consuming, it was Stickling.  (Now I’m just making up words left and right.)

I made plans to hand off the invitations tomorrow and will be so happy to get them out of my hands and into hers so I won’t have to worry about ruining them.

I had some time to play while I waited for the Stickles to dry so I went to my favorite store, the Dollar Tree and a side trip to Joanns.  I’m making my great niece a fun and funky Halloween wreath and knew part of what I was looking for, but not all of it.  I saw a video where a woman bought a skull at Dollar Tree and worked it into the side of a wreath.  I really liked the idea, but didn’t want to do what she had done.  When I started looking at the Halloween things (they are really picked over now), I found the skull but also found a black wig and a lavender feather boa and an ornate hand mirror and a large tiara with lavender and pink accents.  I decided to make a dead princess theme for my wreath.  The skull would have long black hair and a tiara and then around her neck would be the boa and on the other side of the wreath would be the mirror.  I bought some matching flowers that I’ll glue down here and there.  The only thing I’m not really sure of, is what to use as the wreath form.  I have foam forms and wire ones and I have a foam form that’s already covered with grey yarn that I could leave the yarn as it is or spray paint it black.  I’m not crazy about the tiara but really liked a hat I found at Joanns that’s a Halloween theme that would be so cute on the wreath, but it’s $14.99 with 50% off.  I just can’t see spending $7.50 on a hat.  It is adorable though and so much more cute than the tiara.  I don’t want to start the wreath until I’m sure about everything I want to use on it, and right now I’m stuck on the wreath form and the hat/tiara.  Decisions, decisions.


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