I’m throwing in the towel on ever finding the two video memory cards that I lost.  I can’t imagine where they could have gone, but have extinguished every possibility (at least for now) that I can think of.  I’m pretty disappointed because there were some really cute videos on the sticks, but I’m just going to have to get over it.

As my way of getting past the pain, I think today is the day.  It’s big, I mean really big.  I know this has been long (way too long) in coming, but I’m finally making the video of a wet glue comparison.  In theory, this video didn’t seem so difficult, but in reality, I tested a lot, and I mean a lot of wet glues to see how they worked, or if they worked.  What I found is that all wet glues are not created equally.  Nor are they easy to use with a fine tip applicator.  I’m going to do a couple of categories.  Wet glue, the best glue in a fine tip applicator and possibly glue sticks.  It wouldn’t be fair to do a video of wet glues without including glue sticks.

I’m going to do a second video comparing different brands of small tape runners.  Since I can’t or won’t use the big ATG gun, and prefer the small tape runners, I thought it was important to do a video comparing them as well.  So that’s my big plan for the day, that and crying a little bit more about the loss of the memory sticks.  I’m going to be feeling the pain of that loss for a long time to come.



2 thoughts on “10/20/2016

  1. I’ve been praying to St. Anthony for you, Sandy, because he usually never lets me down. My mother in law had lost her wedding ring when she lost weight due to cancer and had given up hope of ever finding it. I prayed to St. Anthony for her (once she had told me what had happened, which was quite a while after losing it), and when she went to her hairdresser for her weekly appointment, they had found it when they were cleaning the chairs! It was jammed down inside the cushion crevice and they only found it when they did deep cleaning on their chairs. She cried and cried, she was so happy. I’m sure you’ve checked crevices on all furniture cushions and bedding. Have you done all your laundry? Many times my lost items turn up in pockets, especially jackets, and right now, we are in the midst of weather that requires no jacket, a heavier jacket or even a raincoat. Just some ideas, although I support your decision to move on past this upsetting experience. Definitely it is a plus that Honey Parker did not swallow it! Loooove your Halloween videos and the music.


    1. I really loved your story about your mother-in-law and so happy she found her ring. I don’t remember leaving the chair I was sitting in. Yesterday I found a tiny black piece of plastic which leads me to think that maybe Honey did find it and ran off with it and ate it. Two days later, she seems to be fine, but Rich has been checking everything he picks up in the yard so we can finally put this to rest. She’s really sneaky when she finds something she wants and probably had that tiny piece of plastic in her jowl after eating it. It’s the only thing we can think of that makes sense at this point. We’ve looked everywhere (including the laundry room) and haven’t found it. I’m still so sad because I had some really great videos that can’t be reproduced. Sad, but what are you going to do? Yesterday I did almost an hour review of wet glues and the last portion somehow there’s a smudge on the lens. I’m not sure how it happened, but I’m going to say it’s a ghost or something quirky since I can’t fix it and I’m not going to discard that huge video. I guess I’m kind of prone to accidents or whatever these things are. I really appreciate you looking out for me though.


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