A DIY Coffin for Trick or Treat Candy

I found the template to make these adorable coffins at Kid Spots YouTube page. Here is the link to download and print the templates. http://www.kidspot.com.au/things-to-d…
They recommend using construction paper and I found that my coffin was too flimsy using 65 pound black cardstock so I recommend you upgrading to either using 65 pound white cardstock and run it through your computer for the template as well as 65 pound black cardstock. Or you could just use copy paper for the white paper and 110 pound black cardstock. Either way, you should get a much sturdier coffin than I produced. After you make your templates, you will glue the white paper printed side up to the black paper. I’d use a glue stick or tear tape to get a surface that isn’t warped like you sometimes get from wet glue. Let them dry (if you use the glue stick and then cut out the entire coffin. You will cut on the solid lines (NOT the stitched lines.) Cut each of the solid lines on both templates then fold them as I show in the video. It’s important that you get good clean folds. When I make my next one, I’m going to use a bone folder or ruler to make sure every fold is really clean and well defined. Again, your coffin will be more flat and easier to glue if you do. I filled my coffin with a full sized Butterfinger and a snack bag of nut mix. For decorations I used two stamp sets from Stampin’ Up. One is Googly Ghouls and is retired, and the other is Cookie Cutter Halloween that is available as is the Gingerbread Man punch. If you don’t have a Stampin’ Up representative, Linda Bauwin has been really helpful to me in establishing my channel and is a really nice lady. Her email contact info to make an order is jlbauwin@roadrunner.com. There is a Christmas stamp set that is available to work with the gingerbread man punch as well. I loved the Halloween stamp set and had to have it. I also used a couple of stickers from the Dollar Tree from their Halloween stickers.
I used Art Glitter glue on this project as it sets up quickly (holds fast) and allows me to move the glued pieces easily (immediately after gluing) so if I glue it down wrong, it allows me to pick it up and move it before it sets. You need to move it immediately though.


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