Today is Rich’s and my 34th wedding anniversary so we went out for supper to celebrate.  It’s hard to believe it’s been thirty four years, but I’m so lucky to have met my soul mate when I was nineteen.  A lot of people think there is no such thing as a soul mate, but we are proof that we married our other half.  We were friends before we dated and I think that has something to do with how we just knew we were meant to be together.  We dated for two and a half years and two weeks after we got married, I got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.  If you’ve read my blog, I think that you have heard the story that when we heard the diagnosis, we thought “no big deal.”  We thought it was like a television commercial with two ladies playing tennis and one woman complains about her arthritis and the other tells her to rub Ben Gay on it.  Little did we know that within five years, I’d have my first knee replaced and in the next six years had both knees, one hip, one shoulder and my neck fused. Additionally, one of the knees became infected and I spent five months in a wheelchair trying to eliminate the infection.  Rich has been a total trooper through all of the ups and downs of my health and not many men would have done the things he’s done to keep me going.  He’s my rock and brings out the best in me.  I wish every woman could find a man who helps her through her toughest times and is there to celebrate the good.  It’s been a great thirty four years and we’re looking forward to the next thirty four.


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