Greatest Halloween Princess Wreath, #6 Taking Something Old and Making it New Again

You have to love the music, Rich did a great job on this one!  This is number #6 in taking something old and making it new again.  You can start with a foam wreath ring and cover it with yarn or ribbon like this one is.  The Dollar Tree sold almost all of the pieces of my wreath except the eyelashes that I got at Dollar General for $2.  The mirror, boa, hair, skull, battery operated tea lights and flowers are all from the Dollar Tree.  I used low temp glue sticks and a glue gun that works with them.  I started by cutting out the back of the skull so I could lay it flatter on the wreath but more importantly, to put the tea lights inside.   I flipped the hair piece over so the hairband didn’t show and then glued the head band to the skull, braided the hair, and wrapped the hair around the top of her head, then glued it in place.  I attached the eyelashes and then put some wet glue on the lash line to ensure they stayed put.  I glued the boa down first then glued the skull to the boa and the wreath in the back.  I didn’t like the purple flowers once I had them close to the wreath, so went with white flowers instead.  I cut the teeth off of the tiara and glued it to the head.  I glued the mirror under the boa and glued the white flowers around the top of the mirror.   I loved the results and hope our niece does too.


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