The worst part about losing my two memory cards, is losing the Halloween videos that have now put me really far behind on the ones I really wanted to do.  Some of the projects are quick and perfect for a Halloween party, like the apothecary bottle I just put up.  Others, like cards, are too late, and I have a couple more of them that need to go live.  Rich is going  to put one up tonight and maybe one tomorrow so both are online before the end of the month.  Geez, I hate being so far behind the curve, but the great thing about YouTube is these videos live on and can be viewed next year and into forever.  I had Thanksgiving projects on the sticks as well so I’ll remake them and put them on line as soon as I can.  My wet glue video with the creepy blur on it needs to go live before Halloween as well, or else the blur is just a blur and not something kind of funny.

I’m going to make one last Halloween project tonight because I got the greatest package in the mail today.  I’ve met so many wonderful people on YouTube and I got a present from a lady named Donna.  She knew how much I love Halloween (as does everyone else because I talk about it all the time I think.)  She sent me a bunch of Halloween paper, embellishments and an adorable makeup case that I’ll be showing on the video.  I can’t begin to show my appreciation to all of the really sweet and wonderful people I’ve met this year.  I’ve also been thrilled to have connected with one of my relatives as well.  I have a very small family as I think most of you know.  I have one sister in North Carolina and both of our parents are deceased.  I have three cousins, yes I said three, and no surviving aunts or uncles.  One of our cousins has a son and a daughter and I knew them as kids, but have not been in touch since we’ve been adults.  I got a comment from Shelli (my cousin’s daughter), on one of my videos and have been hearing from her regularly since then.  When you have a very small family, it’s great to reconnect, or in our case, to connect and without this YouTube channel, I doubt if we would have ever done so.  Yet another wonderful gift that YouTube has given us.

I’m a little bit behind with my first anniversary video, but will be getting it up shortly.  I can’t thank all of my viewers and especially my subscribers, for making this such a wonderful and fulfilling experience for me and for Rich.  We’ve been blown away by your thoughtfulness, generosity and sweet hearts.  Thanks so much for sticking with us through the learning curve this year has provided us. We couldn’t have done it without you.  Literally.


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