Today was a day of cleaning house, doing laundry and having our carpets cleaned.  I was able to mail my Halloween cards and my great niece’s birthday present.  I have a lot of ideas for videos for Thanksgiving and Christmas and probably should get a few Thanksgiving in and then go right into Christmas, as there’s always a lot more interest in Christmas and the holidays in general.

I’ve been watching some videos featuring what’s called a twist and pop card, and their basis comes from origami.  When I watch people make them, I think about how they could manage their paper a lot more easily if they just make the folds by hand and not use rulers and dimensions.  The folds are all center folds so it should be easy to do.  I’m going to practice on some paper and then get serious about making a few.  I’m hoping my method will be easier than the ones I’ve been watching on video and should be a lot more fun to make.

I made another video last night that was a haul video, plus a card related to the haul.  Rich is so buried with memory cards, I think he might break under the pressure.  No, he can handle it, it’s just a matter of getting serious about his projects.  He’s a great team player and knows we need to get the Halloween videos up before Halloween.  I think he’s sweating just a little bit though.

I have to go back to the neighborhood nursery and re-video the end of the child’s chair turned into a plant stand.  The only part of the video that was lost on the sticks that disappeared is the ending where I filmed at the nursery.  It’s been raining the last few days and I’m hoping that tomorrow the weather will be better so that I can finish that video as well.  I’m glad that’s the only part of the video that was lost (at least I think it’s the only part.)

Just a slight change of subject.  Don’t you hate it when you get your carpet’s cleaned?  They are damp and make walking from carpet onto tile an ice skating rink.  My socks are wet and I’m a little grumpy, but my carpets looks so much better.  They have taken a real beating since we got Honey.  She’s eaten the edge of our hall carpet and peed on as many rugs and carpets as possible.  We’ve waited as long as possible to have our rugs cleaned, but we couldn’t wait any longer as the weather is getting too cold to have a really damp house.  I wonder how many other bloggers discuss dog pee and carpet cleaning?  I’ll bet it’s very few, if any, besides me.  I guess I’m the lone wolf.  If that puppy pees on the carpets again, this wolf is going to howl, and I’m seriously not kidding.


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