The one year anniversary video went live last night and I’ve already had a lot of comments.  Whenever you have a giveaway, you get a lot of viewers and I’m hoping that if they are only coming to the channel for the giveaway, that they might see a video and decide to stay and watch more.  I love giveaways because I love giving people an unexpected surprise and always hope the winners will be names that I recognize.  I use a website that randomly picks numbers for me.  So if I have fifty comments, I put in the number fifty and then they randomly choose five numbers between one and fifty.  It’s a great system because it takes all of the guesswork out of it and ensures that I am honest in my prize giving.

I’ve read all of the rules that YouTube has for contests and drawings and made sure I comply with all of them.  One of the rules is that you can’t ask for or require people to subscribe to your channel.  That’s kind of funny, because I’ve seen so many contests that require just that.  I’m ok with that rule because I want people to subscribe if they like and want to watch my channel, and not because I’ve asked them to subscribe.  That’s how I can watch my subscriber numbers climb and be proud of them because either you, my current viewers/subscribers have said others should check out my channel, or they have found it for themselves, and like it enough to subscribe.  That’s such a great feeling, to know that people like you are helping others find our channel.

At the end of every video I ask for viewers to share my channel with others on social media.  As you know, I’m terrible with it and wish that I had the interest in learning.  A lot of the media is for cellphones and I’m horrible using the touch phones and I’m sure you can imagine, never hit the correct keys.  So I stick to my laptop and a phone that’s one I can use and am fine with it.  The only time I wish I had advanced to more social media, is when it’s connected to our YouTube channel.  I think the channel would have a better chance of reaching my target audience (anyone who would see value in the videos we do), if I was more connected.  So that’s why I ask all of you to help me spread the word about our channel.  I really lack the skill set to do it myself.   I appreciate the help all of you have given me and never take it for granted.  Thanks again for the past year, it’s been terrific!


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