I spent the day today working on my sister’s birthday present.  She wants a set of cards for her birthday and not just a few.  She wants a year’s worth of cards.  I spent a lot of time working on sentiments as I thought it would make more sense to make cards without a sentiment and then give her a ton of options when it came to what she can use the cards for.  At our age, we have more friends and family who are ill and we start to lose more people as well.  Sadly, we send more get well and sympathy cards than almost anything else.  So I’ve been making a lot of cards and all that are roughly the same, but as different from each other as I can make them.  She really liked the card I used in the Primrose Petals card video.  If you check that card out, then you’ll realize that it’s not a hard card to make, but it takes some time when you are trying to make them look different from each other.  I’m not sure if she’ll be giving more than one of these cards to the same person and if she is, I doubt that she’ll want them to remember their cards looking the same.  So once I am finished with them, I plan on making a video just to prove that you can make the same card, but have it look different by changing up what you use in the form of ribbons and embellishments.

I also decided to remake the wet glue video.  If I didn’t already mention this, there was a fingerprint or smudge on the camera lens, so the video had a fuzzy quality to it.  I thought it was on a portion of the screen, but when Rich started to edit it, the smudge took up a large part and made the video virtually unusable.  I started to fret about remaking it, as the first one took me almost an hour to film.  I kept all of the papers that gave the glue name, price, number of ounces in a normal bottle, and had the glue on the inside as well as on the outside of the paper.  When I made the initial video, I gave all of the information about the glue then glued the paper shut and waited a second to show how well it stuck the paper together from the beginning.  I also put glue on the outside of the paper to see if it glued invisibly or shiny.  At the end of two hours, I went back and went over the results.  Which ones were still stuck together and if I could tear them apart, as well as if they were shiny on the outside or not.  I think I’ll go over my footage and take notes of which glues were more sticky up front and the rest I know from the information I recorded at the end of the video.  The video will be a lot shorter and hopefully will be clear as day.  Boy, if there’s a way to screw up a project, I definitely know how to do it.  Which leads me to my last task.  I went back to the nursery that I filmed of the child’s chair I remade into a flower planter.  I have all of the video except that part, which unfortunately was on one of the missing memory cards.  If the cards ever do show up, I only have a few videos left on them that I haven’t recreated.  It’s been a bummer, but at least I’m almost over the hurdle.




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