I think I finished my sister’s birthday card set but haven’t made the video of them as of yet.  I decided instead to recreate one of the many cards that was lost on the memory cards that are gone.  I wanted to show an easy method for card making.  I used a premade card base that had a chevron pattern.  Then I added a couple layers of paper, one glittery and one purple and then punched out three Halloween figures and attached them to the card with a sentiment that was also punched.  The end result is a cute card with not very much work involved.

My girlfriend Cora, whose been in a couple of my videos, came over tonight to borrow some of our Halloween decorations.  I think I mentioned that our trick or treat is on the Thursday before Halloween (I have no idea why.)  She brought her eleven year old daughter with her named Abby.  Abby loves crafting and has been an avid watcher of my channel.  Cora said that Abby watches one of my videos and then goes into her room and tries to recreate whatever I’ve just made.  I think it’s really sweet that she’s such a crafty girl and I’ll make sure to have her in a video.  She’s already more crafty than I am as she sews, paints, stamps, basically does everything and anything in the crafty world.  It’s great to see that she’s spending her time doing something productive.   She’s a great kid and I’m sure she’ll be thrilled for the chance to do a video with me.  Maybe we’ll make one before Christmas together.


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