Today is my one year anniversary for the blog with over 500 posts on it.  I’m really excited that my YouTube channel and blog are continuing to grow.  I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t had a lot of responses to the contest I’m running on the YouTube channel as I’m not asking for much, just a comment below the video saying what video they enjoyed the most.  Doesn’t seem that hard, but then again, this is a busy time of year for people, so they might not have the time to watch the video and respond.  Also, because I didn’t mention a number of viewers, the people that troll for contests didn’t find it, so that’s a great thing.  Mainly my subscribers and viewers are the ones who have responded, also a great thing!.

I started thinking about what I must have been doing a year ago since I didn’t have YouTube videos to plan or comments to make on the blog.  I know I read a lot more than I do now.  Maybe I watched television and don’t have time for that anymore as well.  I probably had a lot more free time and didn’t have a lot to think about.  I really need to get serious about fixing my glue video and getting it up and making a similar video with glue sticks and small disposable tape runners.  I think it’s important to know which glues work and which don’t.  I’ve had people recommend tape runners that didn’t work at all for me and wonder how they could work for the person that recommended it.  That’s another reason these videos are so important to me.  If they have nothing to compare their tape runner with, then they probably do think they work well when they definitely don’t.  I like to make sure I test them for immediate sticky and then long term adhering plus whether they dry clear or shiny.  The tape runner that was recommended is not a permanent bond (although the tape runner says permanent on the label.)  I need to get the video up so the referrer can see what other tape runners work like and know that theirs isn’t up to par.  I know that I normally would bring up the par reference, but as a golfer’s daughter, par is a golf term meaning the average and if you are shooting below par, it means you are better  than average.  So my reference is saying that I just want the glue to work the same as all glues should work.  There, now I’ve made my own reference explanation.  This is a first for me.  I’m savoring my brilliance, and now I’m done.

Before I go, I wanted to tell you that my girlfriend loved her child’s chair converted into a flower/plant holder and liked her card even more.  I was happy to see how much she liked both.  Yay!  Her card and chair videos will go live in a few days or weeks depending how many videos Rich has ahead of it.  Poor guy!


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