I was up so late last night making the Halloween card and another card, I really didn’t craft at all today.  I wanted to make sure I finished my last Halloween card because it was on one of the memory cards that went missing and the technique is one that will work for any occasion. I thought that although Halloween is today, this technique needs to be seen.   You use a note card that’s premade and already decorated then add a couple layers of paper and punched images and you have your card completed.  I did a few extra steps to make my card a little more frisky, but I showed how you can make it easier without the additional steps I took.  Once I finished that card and the video, I remembered we were having lunch today with one of our good friends.  Her birthday is on November 2nd, and we were celebrating it today and I wanted to make her a card (because I had forgotten up to this point.)  I really love the AI girlfriend series and have a couple of their stamp sets.  The one I used for her card is perfect for the two of us and so before I went to bed, I made another card and another video for her card.  It came out really well and I think you’ll like it.  I also made her a gift that I tried to finish earlier this year, but failed to accomplish it.  It was turning the child’s chair into a flower planter.  The video for this was delayed because one portion of the video just happened to be lost on the same memory cards that contained so many important videos, so I haven’t been able to put it up.  I’ll make sure that Rich gets the chair video as well as the girlfriends’ card video up as soon as possible.  He has a huge stack of videos that need to go live and I’m hoping he’ll be able to get them done one a day until he’s caught up.  It’s not easy, because every time he hands me a finished video, I hand him two more that need to be edited and uploaded to You Tube.  He definitely doesn’t have an easy (non-paying) job.


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