I’m not sure what other YouTube/bloggers do when they have nothing special to discuss.  Today was a great day for me, but not in the normal way.  I went to a long lunch with a very old friend from my early days in banking in the 1980’s.  She’s a great lady who is now in her eighties and still as spunky as ever.  She had a stroke a couple of years ago and it made the left side of her body very weak.  She uses a walker now and has really struggled with her lack of independence.  She’s so much fun though, and makes me laugh so hard and she loves reliving our days in banking together.  She was our drive in teller and she knew every customer, their kids and dogs, what color lollipop the kids liked.  She was fabulous and so funny, with a laugh that you couldn’t help but join along.  Every time we have lunch together, she says the same thing, “You never change.”  Well why would I?  If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.  I’ve never felt the need to completely grow up, so I do silly things when we’re in public just to get her to laugh.  It works every time and makes my day.  So today was a great day.

After lunch we went to a vegetable stand at a farmer’s home down a horribly long rutted dirt driveway that is too narrow for two cars to pass and just a nightmare to traverse.  I always wondered why they didn’t move their vegetable stand to the end of the driveway where it would be right on the main road, but today I got my answer.  We walked inside and the lady that runs it came out of her house with her lunch in her hand and was ready to sell her veggies.  She must only come outside when people are at her stand.  Genius!  I wouldn’t move the stand either.  Let the people drive down at least a 1/4 mile long rutted driveway.  At least she’s warm and has her lunch.

So I bought a bushel of butternut squash to dehydrate for the dogs, (yes, I made a video of it) and some kale to make kale chips with, and their home grown popcorn.  It makes the greatest crunchiest popcorn I have ever had.  So the moral of my story is this.  If you have a chance to spend a day with an old friend and buy some popcorn to pop later while watching movies with your special someone and three dogs, do it!


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