This time of year makes me remember the “old days” when people had Christmas Clubs and would get their checks in the mail in a few days from now.  For those of you who don’t know about Christmas Clubs, it was an account that you opened at a bank and you had a booklet for each week of the year.  Let’s say you wanted to have $250 to spend on Christmas next year.  You would open a $5 Christmas Club and then each week you would tear a $5 page from your booklet and deposit $5 into your account.  Then in mid November, a check would come to you and you’d be ready to shop.  It was a great way to save for the holidays, but over time, as people’s spending and savings habits changed, Christmas Clubs were no longer used.  I’m not sure if there is anything like them in existence today.  The reason I was thinking about them, is that this time of year is extremely stressful for people because of the expectations of kids for their gifts and the amount of money it takes to purchase them and everything else you would buy for the holidays.

If you watch my channel, you know I am really concerned with the costs of things and finding the best prices and the best products for my viewers.  I’m extremely cautious of overspending and have always been a saver.  I guess all of those years working in a bank will do that to you.  For a lot of my career, I was responsible for customers whose accounts were overdrawn and trying to help them figure a way out of it.  That kind of environment really made me who I am today.  I hate and I mean HATE paying full price for almost everything.  Some times it is unavoidable, but for the most part, I try to buy our household, clothes, crafty things, etc., at a discounted price.

As to the point of my rambling story, I thought I’d share some ideas in the upcoming month or so, to help my viewers find ways to save for the holidays.  I’m hoping this series will allow you to make gifts that are inexpensive, create tools that are cheater to make and use, as well as ideas for cost cutting.  I’m hoping this series will help you to avoid some of the stress that this time of year presents and make the holiday season so much more enjoyable.


One thought on “11/5/2016

  1. What a great idea for a series of videos during the holidays! Hopefully it helps people concentrate on the real reason for the season!


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