Today, I’ve made two videos and will be making at least one more.  The first is a very inexpensive but cute dog toy that you make with fleece.  Most dog owners buy their dogs presents for the holidays and why not pay less than 50 cents for a toy that you’d pay almost $10 for at Petsmart.  The other great thing about this toy, is it can be made quickly and especially inexpensively.  I bought 1/4 yard of fleece in two colors of paw prints, plus one of black.  Here’s a link to the one I bought.


It is currently $5.99 a yard which is about $1.50 for 1/4 yard, and you’ll be buying two of those for $3 total plus a cheaper plain color fleece which is roughly $1 for 1/4 yard.  Your total cost is $4 for the fleece plus tax.  I cut my fleece into 2″ wide strips and then folded the length in half to make two strips out of it at 2″ wide.  My end result is a toy that is 18″ long.  Keeping in mind that I have golden retrievers, they need a toy that long, but if you have a cocker spaniel, you could make yours 12″ long and if you have an even smaller dog, you could cut it even shorter.  My 1/4 yards of fleece will make 8 toys for my dogs, which means my toys are costing fifty cents each.  If you make them half as short as mine, yours will cost you 25 cents each.  Where can you find a soft fun pull toy anywhere for your dog for that price? Additionally, with cutting and putting the toy together, you might have five minutes involved to produce one.   I can tell you my puppy has had it in her mouth since she got it, and plays tug with the other dogs and Rich whenever she gets a chance.  It’s a great gift and would be perfect to sell at craft shows or to give friends who have dogs, just a great inexpensive idea.  I hope you’ll give this one a try.

My second video is to create your own pads of glue dots.  We all use them, we all pay for them over and over again.  Even if you buy them at the Dollar Tree, you’ll still continue to pay for them.  I’m going to show you a way to make and store them that will save you a lot of money.  So stay tuned to my channel, we’re going to be doing a lot of savings and distressing at a time when you need it most!


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