I’m full of ideas for the holiday season and don’t have any memory cards so can’t make any videos as Rich is holding them hostage until he gets caught up (or more than he currently is.)

I have a couple of wreath ideas I’d like to try and want to get those videos finished and online.  I’m thinking of making a wreath with clothespins that I stamp with my peg stamps.  It should be a really cute idea and one that can be used all year long.  I saw Lindsay make an advent calendar using the clothespin idea, and it lead me to thinking about going bigger and better with the stamped clothespins.  The wreath itself takes absolutely no time to make and that’s what makes it so appealing.  You clip the clothespin onto a wreath form, add a bow and you are done.  I’m sure people could clip their cards into the wreath, but I’m simply showing the wreath with a bow on it.  I loved the idea of decorating the clothespins with stamps and the peg stamps are the absolute perfect size for this idea.  Since I already have the pegs and have the wreath form, now it’s just a matter of either finding my old clothespins that I never use, or going out and buying them.  I think I’ll probably need around 60-70 of them for the project.

After staring at the straw wreath I made, I decided it definitely needed some additional green, so I went to Joanns and bought some green burlap ribbon to really make it pop.  After you put so much time into something, you want it to look great.  This wreath needs that green to take it from nice to something better.  I’m hoping to finish it tomorrow and get that video up as soon as possible as Rich already has the making of the wreath, now all I have to do is include the green parts.


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