I’ve decided I need to get serious about a video I’ve been planning for a long time.  I always talk about Splitcoast Stampers, but it’s a really difficult website to navigate when you use it the first few times.  It’s been a godsend for me to save money while buying my mountain of crafting supplies and I want others to benefit from those savings as well.  If I do an in depth “how to” for the site, it will definitely help others to use it effectively.

In addition, I thought I’d share the other ways I save money, especially in online shopping.  More and more people shop online to avoid the crowds and to get better deals on products, so why not help them to save money and time since that’s my focus this holiday season on my YouTube channel.

There are so many ways to save and I’m probably going to miss a ton of the ways, but will focus on the things that I use and the ways I save.  I’m not trying to copy anyone else, just show what I do and how I do it.  Rich didn’t know I have one more 32 gb memory card to use and I’m going to use it for this video.  (He’s been hoarding all of the memory cards so he can catch up with me on editing and downloading videos.)   I need to get it up as soon as possible because one of my many ways to save is through a site called BlackFriday.com.  It’s a site that shows the fliers for all of the major retail stores and shows when their sales start.  This is a terrific tool to use now instead of waiting for the newspaper and trying to form a plan the night before you need it.  This will give people almost a week in some cases, to plan for the big Black Friday and Cyber Monday events.  Oh, there’s also a webpage for Cyber Monday.  I hope this video will be a huge help to people and allow them to plan ahead and avoid the stress Black Friday inevitably brings.


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