Easy Burlap Ribbon Straw Wreath

I have always wanted to try my hand at making a straw wreath and this seemed like the perfect time of year to make one. First let me say that the photo of the wreath is incorrect as the design goes on the side of the wreath. When Rich hung it and photographed it, he turned the pattern to the bottom. Sorry for the confusion. To make the wreath, I tried to use green mesh for over the straw, but the mesh looked like a cast on someone’s arm and I couldn’t live with it. I covered the mesh with regular burlap ribbon. Next I took a long wired gold mesh ribbon and made looks that looked like ribbon candy and using greening pins, attached the loops to the wreath. Then I took 12-15″ long pieces of the plaid ribbon and pinching it in the center, made big pieces that looked like bows once I turned the ends under. I added 6: long pieces of both wire trimmed matching navy blue and green burlap ribbons (pinched in the centers as well), wherever I thought it needed some color. The wreath looks much nicer in person as it was really hard to photograph something this large and get enough light on it. I didn’t have any problems with the greening pins, but if you use mesh, you might put your fingernails through it as it is much more delicate than I expected.


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