I’ve been crazy making videos and was using my laptop in my craft room for a video I’m doing on ways to save money on everything from crafts to credit cards.  I spent my career in banking and helping people save money was high on my list of priorities.  I’ve seen other people make money saving videos, but they miss some key components to savings and I wanted to fill in the gaps.  So I was using Rich’s laptop for the last three days and wasn’t able to access this site as a blogger, only as a viewer.  I apologize for the delay in follow up, I don’t normally go more than two days without a post.

I started making some ornaments that I’ve been wanting to make for a while.  I had an idea about making a wreath out of small punched flowers (out of white card stock).  The idea was to have color just in the centers of the flowers.  I started the wreath, only to discover that I would need thousands (and I mean thousands) of the flowers to make the wreath, and gave up.  That was last year.  This year I downscaled my plan to an ornament and the results were really great.  It is a really easy project, but does take a little bit of time in punching the flowers and pinning them.  It took about a hundred flowers to make the ornament look good.  I’m pleased with the results and hope you’ll like it as well.


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