I’ve been doing absolutely no crafting the last couple of days as it’s been a serious whirlwind of shopping for the family that Rich and I adopt for Christmas.  I try to make sure that most of our shopping is done before the end of Cyber Monday as I like to do a lot of my shopping online.  I’m not big on crowds and hate the lines that this time of year brings to stores.  I’ve been thinking of a lot of different crafts I’m going to pursue, but just haven’t been able to get into the craft room to accomplish anything.  I’m going to make collars for the dogs for Christmas and think my idea would work for sliding onto headbands for little girls as well.  I think I’m going to take a long piece of felt and wrap it around a dog collar and then hot glue it so it is basically a circle.  After I’ve done that, I’m going to make felt flowers and leaves for the collar.  I think it will be really cute and as I said, would work on a hair band as well.  I might try to make flowers and attach them to small barrettes.  Anyway, that’s one of my ideas.

I’ve got to get serious about making some videos as I feel like Rich might eventually catch up with me.  He’s putting up a video tomorrow and it’s a short one.  I have several small videos that need to go live, so he’s probably going to have a chance to bridge the gap.  Darn it, I better get into the craft room.


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