I’m starting to get confused about what I’ve said on the blog and things I’ve been thinking about talking about.  I’m sorry if some of the things I say are repetitive.  It’s not my intention to repeat myself, but I think my brain gets in a loop and can’t move on sometimes.  Does that ever happen to you?

My friend Elishia has started a YouTube channel called WanderingDreamer555.  I’m not sure of the significance of her YouTube name, but she’s made a few videos and is doing a great job for just trying her hand at it.  She did a craft room tour and I seriously wanted to cry at the amount of organization she’s done.  I can’t tell you how often I can’t locate something and that’s when my room is clean.  It was an amazing tour and you should definitely check it out.

I’ve got a bunch of ideas for some inexpensive gifts for the holidays.  I’ve said repeatedly that I’m trying to find ways for people to save this Christmas, so these crafty ideas are in keeping with my master plan.  I’ve been watching videos that other people have put online using a nice frame and then putting designer Christmas paper in the frame and then decorating that.  I’ve got some great ideas to correspond with this and can’t wait to try them out.  I need one small trip to the Dollar Tree and I’ll be ready to put that video up.

I’m also making a wreath using a wreath frame and clothespins that should cost the maker less than $6 to make.  It’s cute and will looks great as is, or using it as a Christmas card holder.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve gone into detail about this in an earlier blog.  (I think my mind just went into that loop I was talking about.)



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