Did you ever have one of those crafty times where everything seems to go wrong?  I was working on a very small Styrofoam wreath form and trying to turn it into an ornament of a wreath (oddly enough!)   It should have been a simple project. I covered the wreath with ribbon and then I put ornaments on it and surrounded the wreath with a really beautiful ornate red ribbon.  I was using a new glue gun that people had recommended to me from Aleene’s.  It has a palm feed and it was supposed to make my life so much simpler.  Instead, I couldn’t pull the trigger with my “palm” or one hand, I had to hold it in one and pull the trigger with the other.  My cheap little glue gun never gave me any problems and this is a $30 glue gun.  I was so frustrated that I’m pretty sure I’ll be scrapping the video because I sound exactly like I felt, and by the end, almost chucked the glue gun into my trash can.

I’m normally pretty mellow when it comes to a crafting fail, but this one was epic.  I swear it looks like a five year old made this ornament.  The Styrofoam has some kind of treatment on the outside of it so it’s almost impossible to push pins into.  That should have been my first indicator that this was going badly.  I thought that by putting some charms and pearl topped needles into the Styrofoam, that it would take on the look of an actual wreath.  Instead, it just went downhill from there.  I added some green baubles from an ugly pin.  I used the finest tip on the glue gun, and it put out huge dollops of glue instead of a thin stream.  I was hoping to hide the glue, but instead, had to pull it off and retry and then retry then retry.  In the end, I glued the green baubles onto that wreath at least three times each and none of them look good (in my opinion.)  Rich tried to make me feel better by saying it looked good, but sometimes I think he says things just to calm me down.  By that point I was looking at the trash can and contemplating both the project and the glue gun and their worth to me.

Can you return a glue gun once you’ve used it?  I’m so disgusted that I bought it and now I have no idea what to do with it.  Stupid glue gun!  I promised I would do a video product recommendation on the glue gun.  I’m not sure what else I can say other than, it was hard to use and I hated it.  I’ll still do the product video as I don’t want others to have the same issues I faced.  I’m pretty sure you’ll never see the wreath video, but if you do, rest assured, it won’t look like it does right now and I’ll be pulling out my trusty $3 glue gun.  It’s not pretty, but it works like a charm!

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