I finished the wreath ornament today.  I scrapped most of the original plan and used something I saw Lindsay do.  She made a pine wreath out of pine branches from trees in her yard.  I started thinking about why I hated the ornament and it was because it was so one dimensional.  It occurred to me that I have the perfect punches to make paper look like pine branches as well as one that looks like leaves.  I thought if I put the leaf die cuts (punches, die cut, whatever), under the pine branches, it would fill the empty spaces.  Then I make clusters of leaves and pine branches and glued them together.  Once they were dry, I hot glued them to the wreath form.  I added some red half pearls and a bow and it looks adorable.  It’s definitely something to be proud of and the video has a lot of editing to be done, but should look good as well.

You never know (at least I don’t) if a project is going to turn out well or not.  I’m never sure if the vision in my head will equate to something that will actually looks nice.  I was seriously contemplating tossing the ornament into the trash the other day, but I persevered and am really glad I did.   I think most of my frustration stemmed from the glue gun and not the actual wreath ornament.  Once I gave up on the new glue gun, things started to go much better.

I’m going to do another haul video as soon as some of my Black Friday purchases roll in.  I bought so much stuff.  I know I didn’t need anything, but when I watch Jennifer McGuire talk about her favorite tools or her favorite inks or stamps, I’m inspired and need them.  I seriously need them.  I realize that I definitely don’t need them, but I really want them, so I ordered them and will do a haul once they come in.  I’m doing another haul from the Dollar Tree tomorrow (well I’ll film it, but won’t know when the video will go live.)  I bought some great frames to use as Christmas gifts and decorations and I think they will look really nice with what I have planned for them. I’m looking forward to making the video.

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