I had some free crafty time while Rich was at the gym, so I decided to makeover a small wreath.  It was a little bit larger than a normal Christmas ornament and it is a grape vine style wreath form.  It had a few pieces of pine and a miniature pinecone on it and just needed more bling.  (Of course it did!)  I thought it would take me five or ten minutes, but in the end, took more like an hour.  Once I start working on something like this, I just can’t stop.  So, in the end, it came out cute and is video worthy.  I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I definitely have a line I won’t cross when it comes to making videos.  My line isn’t really well defined, but it goes something like this.  If I make something and I think a six year old can make it better, then the video gets deleted.  This was almost the case with the wreath ornament that Rich is putting up tonight.  There was a long stretch of time when I really thought it should go in the trash.  Sometimes I persevere, and sometimes I just trash it.  I’m really glad I pushed through with that ornament, as I’m really happy with the results.  I think the same is true for this ornament.  I’ll probably put this on a present and make it something that will look good on the present and then will act as a decoration after the gift is opened.

I’ve been thinking about what kind of crafty things I’ll be able to do on vacation.  I haven’t gone a week without crafting since my hip surgery (almost a year ago.)  I don’t know if I’ll go through withdrawals, but there’s definitely a distinct possibility that I will.  I wish I could watercolor because there are so many things that I could draw there.  The water is crystal blue and that alone is worth learning to watercolor.  My friend Elishia is taking a watercolor class and I’d love to have access to a watercolor 101 class, but don’t have any classes around me.  I’ve thought about taking classes on Craftsy, but don’t know if they can teach me at the level I’m at.  Let’s say watercolors for a six year old, and maybe that’s even more advanced than I can handle.  I watch Lindsay watercolor and she loses me as soon as she starts mixing colors.  She does it so fast and I have no idea what colors are what and then I’m done.  I need someone to do the color wheel and walk me through mixing step by step so I have a clue about the whole process.  I realize I can mix colors and make my own color wheel, but don’t really feel confident that I’ll be doing it the right.  If any of you know a YouTuber that does beginner watercolors  for “dummies”,  (remember those books?), I would love it.  Drop me a note with their name and I’ll be forever in your debt.




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