I talked Rich into putting up a video every day this week to hopefully catch up with me.  I’ve been making so many videos that he may never get caught up.  Today I took a small artificial Christmas tree and redecorated it for the Christmas family.  Tomorrow we’re dropping off the used items they wanted, like a high chair and crib, and I wanted to make sure I gave him a small Christmas tree as well.  I think it’s really important when you have a baby to have a Christmas tree and I’m not sure if he would have had one otherwise.  The tree is really attractive, now that it’s been refurbished.  It needed everything new, so I used some small Dollar Tree glittery balls in different colors as well as some holly and holly boughs that I pushed into the tree anywhere there was a gap.  I put a large snowflake on top for the tree topper and gave it a red and gold skirt.  All in all, it’s a tree I think anyone would be thrilled to get.

I also made the framed art I’ve been talking about.  I couldn’t believe how cute they turned out.  I’m really happy I made them and am not sure what I want to do with them.  Originally, I was going to give them to a couple of my girlfriends, but the set of five really looks great together and maybe all five need to go to one person.  I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I am really happy with the results.  So far my Christmas projects have all been pretty great and I still have more to go.  My next project will be to make Christmas collars for the dogs.  I’m going to take felt and make flowers in different shades of reds and  I hope they will be as cute as I envision them.  I’ll make sure to videotape the dogs wearing them as I’m pretty sure as soon as they have them on, Honey will try to ruin at least Bellas’ flowers.  Honey doesn’t like Bella to have anything nice, so when Bella goes to the groomer and gets a bandana, as soon as she comes home, Honey tears it off of her.  Honey’s a little bit of a diva.  Maybe once she realizes she’s wearing the same collar, she’ll leave the other dogs alone.  I doubt it.

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