A Faux Pine Wreath Ornament

If you read my blog, you’ll remember the meltdown I had when I made this ornament.  It was all glue gun related–I bought the Aleene’s Palm Feed Glue Gun and I hated it.  I could not use it with one hand and if you have any problems with strength in your hands, this is not the glue gun for you.  I used it on the low setting and that could have been part of my problem, but in general, the glue gun is too big and cumbersome.  I definitely prefer my cheap mini glue gun to the Aleene’s gun.  I showed this gun in a haul and said I would do a full review on it, but I won’t be doing one as it would be a waste of your time.  It is not something you should consider if you have hand strength issues.

For this project, you’ll need:
-a Styrofoam circle or wreath form, 3″ was the size I used.
-hot glue gun (not the one I used, obviously!) and glue sticks
-green ribbon to surround the wreath
-decorations for on the wreath (mini pearls, charms, old earrings, whatever you like.  My charm information is below.
-ribbon to surround the outside of your wreath (if you want to do this, it’s optional.)
-wet glue
-Martha Stewart five leaf and medium branch punches.
-Three colors of green card stock so the bundles look more dimensional.  Punch 100 or more of the pine (called a branch punch by Martha Stewart) in three green colors and 25 of the leaf punch for on the back of your bundles.  I just bought the pine punch on ebay for under $10 and the item number is 112112737375 and the seller has more available.
Lindsay, the Frugal Crafter made a real pine wreath and made bundles.  I fashioned my bundles after hers although I didn’t need to wire mine together. Here’s a link to her video.

Start with two leaves on the back spread like a fan and add wet glue to them so they stick together, and then start gluing different colors of the pine pieces so the ends are all in the same place but the tops of the pine go in different directions, so you create a fan looking bundle.  In the end, you’ll need between 12-15 bundles.  I put a big dollop of wet glue on my craft mat and dipped the pieces in the glue to make it easier. Then, after gluing my bundles together, I laid them on the mat to dry.  I used hot glue to attach them to the wreath.
I took an old earring of a snowman and straightened the wire on it and shoved it into the Styrofoam at the top of my wreath and glued it with hot glue to keep it there.  I did this after I wrapped the Styrofoam in green ribbon and before I put the greenery on it.
I used my bow jig to make the bow with white sheer ribbon.   If you don’t have a bow jig, you can make your own and I’ll link the video I made to show you how, or you can find them on Ebay.  Here is the item number for one that makes up to a 6″ bow and as small as 1/2″ bow.  Item number 140916315881.  Put the number in the search box at the top and the bow jig should appear.  It’s $7.99 with no shipping.   There are others that are less expensive, but they don’t make as big of a bow.  Lindsay’s (The Frugal Crafter)husband also makes bow jigs and they sell them through her site.
The small silver charms I also bought on ebay and here are the item numbers for them.  Pinecones were $1.70 for 20 of them and the item number is  252295624718.  I bought 100 snowflakes for $4.35 and their item number is 252220441935 and I got 30 bells for $3.25 and they were by far the nicest.  Their item number is 262527630894.  All of them came from overseas so they won’t be here in time for this Christmas, but definitely are worth the money.
I hope you like this ornament, I thought it turned out really well considering the problems I had when I started.


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