Another Inexpensive Gift-Perfumed Body Powder for Men or Women

In my attempt to give you ideas for inexpensive gifts, I’m showing you how to make your own scented body powder that can have shimmer or not.

You’ll need a pint jar, corn starch, a cotton ball or cosmetic puff and cologne. If you want your powder to have shimmer, you’ll also need mica powder which is easily obtained by buying LA Colors eye shadow in a plastic pot at the Dollar Tree. They normally have white, pink and gold and any of these colors should work. If you want just shimmer, choose white. If you want the shimmer to have a small amount of color, add the eye shadows.

If you are making it as a gift, you can buy a container and powder puff, but I’m showing you how to make it with a jar for myself. A round plastic or glass container with a good fitting lid will work well for a gift. Here are a couple of links to some nice size powder puffs that I found online. The first has five puffs that are 3″ and are white. The second has two pink puffs that are 3.5″.…

and there are two pink powder puffs in this, so you could make two gifts.…

Here’s a link to a container that also includes the puff. You could give the jar of powder and then they could decant it into this container.…

On your cotton ball, you’ll want to spray 25 sprays of cologne. Open a window near where you are doing this as your area will be really cologne scented and it can be overpowering.

I use corn starch but you can also use arrowroot (Red Mill sells bags of this.)

Once you have sprayed your cologne on your cotton ball or cosmetic puff, place it in the bottom of your jar. You will only want to fill your pint jar no more than 2/3rd full with corn starch. I made only one cup of corn starch and it makes a good amount of powder. Once you’ve put your corn starch in your bottle, put the lid on it and shake it really well. Shake it twice a day for three days and then you can decant it into a pretty bottle. You can leave it in your pint jar. You will punch holes in your lid with a hammer and nail and then

In order to make your powder shimmery or glimmer, add Mica powder. You can buy white, gold or pink eye shadow at Dollar Tree and find a pot of L A Color eye shadows. You need to take the bottom off the pot and you can put as much into your jar as you want. Use a small amount at first and add more until it gets to the glitter level you’d like it. With the mica powder (eye shadow), your powder with be visible, without the mica powder, it shouldn’t be visible. Rich really likes this with his cologne as it helps with keeping your skin cool and fresh.



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