Inexpensive Christmas Gift for the Dog Lover, DIY Dry Dog Shampoo

I saw this recipe a long time ago on YouTube on a site called Kait.  This is an easy gift and very inexpensive.

The first thing you will need is either a pint jar with a lid that you can poke holes into with a hammer and nail, plus another lid to seal it or a parmesan cheese shaker jar.  I found one for $1.01 online at this site.

You will want to sift your ingredients into a large bowl.  You need a cup of cornstarch and 1/2 cup of baking soda.  I used inexpensive ingredients from Walmart.  I bought lavender oil and they recommend only five drops of essential oils and I used ten drops.  Stir everything together to make sure the essential oil doesn’t clump with the other ingredients.  They also recommend using tea tree oil (5 drops) with the lavender oil for their hair and skin.  I don’t like the smell of tea tree oil, so I’m not using it.  This recipe should eliminate smells and help with oils on your dogs skin. and the lavender oil should make  it smell better as well.


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