I have a crazy busy day ahead of me. I’m trying to make sure I finish several videos before we leave tomorrow as well as give Rich the time to put them up.  I’m making the scented bath salts in a Christmas ball ornament as well as making the mini album and hopefully, taking the time to make the 2017 planner I promised a couple of weeks ago.  I had so many ideas swirling around in my head that I couldn’t sleep.  So I got up at 4AM and started cleaning my craft room.  I find nothing puts me to sleep faster than organizing and boy, did that room need organizing!  By 5:30 I was back in bed, exhausted.

I haven’t packed yet, but I’m a last minute packer.  I like to make sure that I have everything I need, and the best way to do that for me is to keep a list of essentials and refer back to that list to make sure I haven’t missed anything.  I think I created the list fifteen or twenty years ago and still use it today.  I made the list originally, because we went on a cruise and we forgot Rich’s watch and a clock, so when we were in our room, we never knew what time it was.  On cruises, everything is scheduled, so we had to buy a clock once we got to port.  It was one of those things that we just couldn’t make it without and I hate buying things I don’t really need.  If I didn’t have the list, I’m sure I would forget just about everything important (including my passport.)

The other time saver I use is keeping all of my toiletries packed at all times.  It’s saved us on numerous occasions when we had family emergencies and had to leave almost immediately.  At the end of each trip, I just make sure I add back anything that we ran out of on that particular trip and that way I don’t have to check the bag before we go anywhere the next time.

I’m off to craft.  So much to do and so little time.  Funny how I always seem to have too much to do when time is short.  I think I must procrastinate.  Or else I just pack too much in when I have a small amount of time to do it in.  Either way, I should come up with a plan that doesn’t involve so much last minute activity, yikes!



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