Decorated Christmas Frames, Pt B of Dollar Tree Haul

I bought several frames at the Dollar Tree and paper from Joanns, plus some paper from my stash.  The first frame I used my Zig 2 Way glue pen and some red glitter to make the paper a lot more shiny and make it appear more expensive.  I had a bunch of glittery snowflakes and put one in the top left corner and one in the bottom right corner of the 8 x 10″ frame (from Salvation Army) and put the frame together without any glue to hold the snowflakes in place.  They haven’t moved since I put them inside.  I glued the big red deer head to the outside of the glass.  The second frame is a 5 x7″ and has a Dollar Tree Christmas card in it.  I cut the card at the score line and put it in the frame with some scotch tape to make sure it didn’t move.  (I broke the glass on this frame while I was putting it back together, so it doesn’t have any glass, but I don’t think it made a big difference on its look because the card is so shiny.)  The third frame  I used a black piece of cardstock that I cut to 8 x 10″ and had a roll of glittery tulle that I bought at the Dollar Tree last year and I measured to make sure it was centered and ran the tulle the length of the black paper and taped it in place.  I put the frame together then glued a silver deer to the front.  The fourth frame was square (about 10 1/2″) and I cut paper to size and then laid snowflakes in the top right and bottom left corners and put the frame back together.  This is the only frame that doesn’t stand on its own and hangs on the wall or sits on a stand.  The fifth frame is a 5 x7″ with a mat in it.  I decided to glitter the paper again with my Zig glue pen and white sparkly Martha Stewart glitter.  It’s hard to see on the video, but it adds a great shine to the paper.  I put the paper inside the frame and left the matt in place and taped the paper to the back of the matt.  I  put a pearl in the top of the tree ornament to cover the hole that you would hang the ornament from, and glued it to the front of the glass.
I could have made a lot more as it was so much fun and I really encourage you to try these.  They are inexpensive and make a terrific gift.  I had the snowflakes in my stash and the total cost per frame was under $3 each including the paper, frame and ornaments..The snowman ornament came from Joanns and was the most expensive at $2.10 and the red deer came from a store called Peebles and was $1.99.  I bought the frame that I put it in at Salvation Army for 79 cents.  The rest of the frames and ornaments came from the Dollar Tree.  The Dollar Tree had a lot more really cute ornaments and frames that would be perfect for this gift.  I just bought a couple more frames yesterday at the Dollar Tree and they mentioned that often the glass is cracked on the edges and that I should keep my receipt and they would replace them for me if it happened.


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