I made two videos tonight.  One was to show the great gifts I got from my friend Elishia for my birthday and also let viewers see some of the great handmade cards friends and family have made for me.

The other video was one that I’ve promised I would make for a while and finally accomplished.  I did a haul from Dollar Tree and showed a weekly planner for 2017 and said I would be making a planner/command center for a friend for next year.  I have been so far behind on my videos, trying to get all of the Christmas ones done, that I have been postponing this video.  Tonight, I finally finished it.  I’m actually pretty happy with the results and even gave people some options.  I made a section for post it notes and paper clips and another for a zipper pouch that will hold washi tape and a pen and decided maybe I also needed to include a matching pad of paper.  So I took a thick pad and cut it in half and put the same paper on it to act as a cover.  The agenda got so thick, I had to add a belly band, but that only adds to its charm.  I think this is a great last minute Christmas gift project as well as something people can make for themselves while on Christmas break, so their calendar is ready to start in the new year.  I do feel badly that it’s taken me so long to put the video up, but that’s how things sometimes go for me.  Oh, well, at least I have the video done and more importantly, got all of the Christmas family gifts wrapped and delivered today.  It was a very good day and I accomplished a lot.


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