We decided to do some last minute shopping today and I went to the only Tuesday Morning within a two hour drive of me.  I was really excited to see what kind of craft supplies they offered and didn’t really find much, but did find a huge pad of blank paper that will work really great for a background for my videos.  It isn’t a really white color, which actually works better on video, so I was glad to find it.  Not so happy to try to negotiate with it to try and get it to the car (where Rich was sleeping), but in the end, I outwitted the huge pad and got it into the car.  Score 1 for me!

I was in search of dog toys and treats for Christmas.  Since we don’t have kids, our dogs are just a tiny bit spoiled, or maybe more than a tiny bit.  Tuesday Morning did have some really unique toys and Rich and I had a great time playing with them.  I haven’t decided if we bought the toys for the dogs or for us since they were so much fun.

I found another Dollar Tree and it’s a really large store.  If you watch Lindsay’s videos (and let’s face it, who doesn’t,) she talks about how she always finds photo paper and the big packs of mailing labels at her Dollar Tree. I found the photo paper and thought, “this is it, I’m finally going to find the labels she says are standard at her Dollar Tree.”  No such luck.  It’s like looking for the holy grail, impossible to find unless you’re Indiana Jones (or Lindsay.)

Last but not least, I went to a larger department store to buy a pair of jeans that are so soft and stretchy, you have to love them (but of course the only store where I live doesn’t have my size in stock).  I went to the women’s department to pay for my purchases and there was a line, so I walked to their shoe department where the counter was used as a dump, so ventured to their cosmetics department where I heard the employee say something like “I’m overwhelmed, there’s just so much to learn.”  I took this as a bad sign and went back to the ladies department where the line had not changed and the same woman was still paying for her purchases.  So I waited, and waited.  By this point, one of the ladies in front of me said “there’s got to be another check out, but I came here from the men’s department as the employee there didn’t know how to handle gift receipts.”  In my mind that eliminated the last cash register in the store.  I waited a total of 52 minutes (yes, the whole line was timing it.)    When I finally got to the cash register, another employee came over and our clerk asked her why none of the other registers were open.  She said “they are all open and there’s not a soul at any of them.”  She wondered why we were all in this lady’s line, so the clerk and I told her.  She said to me (which I find pretty funny), why didn’t the man call for a manager if he didn’t know how to process gift receipts?  How would I know?  She also said if we had walked around the store, we would have found available clerks.  Really, isn’t that what we did?  If I hadn’t been standing/sitting on a display for so long, I would have given up and left, but after the first fifteen minutes, I feel committed, and going to the car empty handed is more than frustrating.  I’m not sure why our clerk didn’t call for a manager to find other cash registers open, and I don’t know why it took so long to handle five customer transactions, but it did.  I can tell you this much.  I’m not shopping there again any time soon, but I do love those jeans.


2 thoughts on “12/23/2016

  1. It’s so funny you mentioned Tuesday Morning and dog toys, because I don’t usually shop there even though I drive by it all the time. One of the few times I’ve gone in there, I bought my dog a toy which she absolutely loves and I’ve never seen anywhere else. It’s just a plastic green see-through ball that twists apart so you can put food inside and when she pushes it around, the pieces come out one by one. I can put just her regular dry dog food in there, and she will push it all over the place until it either goes underneath a piece to where she can’t get it, or it is empty. What a great purchase!


  2. Shelli, If you need another one, they have them now and I just bought one for our dogs in a bone shape, but they had the round ones. Word to the wise, if you only have one of them, buy a backup as we’ve lost or had favorite toys destroyed and it sucks, because you can never find them again. One of our dogs loved a small turtle that was a really soft rubber and our Bella, ruined it and Aggie looked for it everywhere. We felt crappy that we didn’t protect it from the puppy. Honey thinks every toy is hers, so nobody gets to keep a toy for long. Cathy bought them a “learning” toy that was a tree stump (stuffed) and you put three stuffed squirrels inside and once a dog gets their squirrel out, the next dog gets a turn. I’m not sure if she thought my dogs were kids who would learn to “take turns” but there’s no taking turns with a puppy. It’s hers and only hers. She’s already ruined one of the squirrels and chewed a hole in the side of the tree stump. I can’t admit to Cathy that I couldn’t control the learning process at my house, darn it..


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