I’ve been keeping track of the offers that companies are doing for Christmas and after-Christmas specials.  The one that really hit me is Stamp TV and Gina K, who are offering 25% off everything on their site until 12/29/16.  You’re probably saying, “what’s the big deal?”  I’ve never seen any site (and maybe I just never looked), that included MISTI in their discounted items.  25% off of a MISTI is a HUGE savings and if you’ve always wanted one, this is the perfect time to get one.  When I first bought mine, I thought I would use it every once in a while and now I find I don’t make a card without using it for something.  The things I like best about the MISTI is that if I make a mistake stamping (let’s say the sentiment is crooked), the grids on the MISTI prevent that problem from occurring.  Or my stamped image isn’t good, maybe I missed a spot.  No problem, I just stamp it again.  If you watch my videos, you know that I absolutely love to stamp my sentiments at least twice, because they are much more professional looking as the ink is really intense when stamped more than once.  I can’t speak highly enough about this product as it is a life changer in crafting for anyone with issues with their hands–weakness, shaking, or strength in only one arm.  I promise you, you will not be disappointed in this product.  You definitely need to purchase four of their magnets and I recommend the grid pad that comes with it as well.  The Novus cleanser they recommend is great, but not a necessity when you initially purchase the MISTI.

I also like to make sure I tell you that I don’t benefit in any way (financially) from this recommendation.  It’s just so important to me that when there is a product that comes at such a steep price, but will be so beneficial to you, I have to let you know when I find a discount on it.  And this is a really great discount.  If you are new to stamping, the MISTI takes the place of all acrylic blocks, and the only thing it doesn’t work with are wood stamps.  If you remove the stamp from the wood block, the MISTI will work with the red rubber stamps.  I hope this message will be beneficial to some of you and that you’ll let me know how you like your MISTI.


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