I’ve been trying to wrap up everything I need to do by the end of 2016.  Primarily this means that I want to make sure I document all of the discounts that crafting websites are offering currently, and make sure I document them on the blog for 2017, but early enough that people should be able to budget for their crafty wants and needs.  I didn’t know that so many different companies would have so many different offers and by keeping track of them, it will allow viewers to streamline their shopping.  For instance if they know simonsaysstamp.com offers a much bigger discount than another site, the shopper  won’t have to go from site to site to find the best offer.  It should hopefully be a time and money saver, at least that’s my goal.

I finished the video for the modified Dollar Tree weekly planner for 2017, and it should go online tonight.  I’m hoping it’s not too late for others to make one for themselves.  If they have already bought the supplies, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours (and that’s longer than it should take) to make it.  I meant to add a pocket to the inside, but decided the zipper pocket I added should be sufficient.  I’ll ask my friend who I’m making it for to let me know if she wants the additional pocket, and I can always add it later.

I’ve been watching an older Jennifer McGuire video of a card with sea life, turtles, jellyfish, seahorses, and I started thinking about how cute they would be in an underwater card.  So I checked into the set of stamps she used and they were from Hero Arts.  Naturally they were from a kit Hero Arts sold last July and no longer had in their inventory on their website.  I looked everywhere online I could think of, and finally called Hero Arts directly.  They checked their inventory and had one set left.  (My luck doesn’t normally work like this).  So I ordered the set and am looking forward to getting them and making some underwater cards to send to friends and family.  The moral of this story is that I have to stop watching Jennifer’s videos, as I am powerless to just say no.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had viewers ask for a video on different inks and one on the best small tape runner.  I have been buying the tape runners whenever I see a new brand, and I am working with my friend Elishia, to make sure I cover the best ink brands.  I have several types and brands of inks, but no hybrids and need to get familiar with them before I make the ink video.  Otherwise, I think I’m pretty well set with inks and just need to keep purchasing tape runners.  You would be amazed at how many different brands and types within each brand that I have found.  This video might make my wet glue video look like a walk in the park.

Oddly enough, when I looked into the origination of “walk in the park,” I couldn’t find it, only the definition, which is pretty obvious.  Walking in the park is easy and very doable.  With that being said, hopefully both videos won’t be extremely difficult to make, but I never know until I make them.  I guess we’ll wait and see how it goes.



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