I was excited when one of my viewers mentioned that Tim Holtz was coming out with his version of the MISTI.  Competition is always a good thing because it allows us to benefit from different choices, and more importantly, helps bring the prices down so that more crafters can find it in their budget to purchase a product.  Here is the Tim Holtz version that won’t be available until mid April.



So far, it looks very similar to the MISTI and I’m hoping the quality is the same.  I can’t recommend the MISTI enough, but I have to say, it’s cost has made it prohibitive for many crafters.  The Tim Holtz version is coming out at $39.99 and hopefully will be available on sale by Christmas time.

The crafter with physical limitations benefits the most from the MISTI type product and  although I have tried to send emails to people when I’ve seen sales on MISTI, it’s price, even on sale, has never been so low.  I don’t plan on purchasing one of the Tim Holtz versions, as I don’t see the need for two of them, but do hope some of you are able to find it in your budget to purchase one and let me know what you think of it.  I’m thrilled that there will be an option at a much lower price point as eventually, I hope every stamper that needs this type of product will be able to own one.

After finding the Tim Holtz version, I found that Hampton Arts has also come out with a stamp positioning tool much like the MISTI.  The difference that I have found so far is that is comes in two sizes, a 10″ x 10″ and a smaller one.  the 10″ version is only $25.99 at Tupelo Designs and they don’t charge shipping.  The smaller one is $21.30.  I am really excited by these new products and hope they are of the same quality as the MISTI.  I’m especially excited about the prices and how the larger one from Hampton Arts is only $25.99.  That’s a much lower price point than any of the others.

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