I decided to do an old JM video reprisal on glitter and shine, I think Jennifer called it.  She made a card with glitter and of course, her glitter didn’t go everywhere and her Swiffer cleaned it up like it had never been there. So how did I end up with so much of it on my hands, table, my pants and floor?  I didn’t just use a tiny piece of Swiffer, I used the whole sheet.  Clearly, I’m Swiffer challenged.  I was laughing at myself (off camera, because it’s not nice to make fun of people like me.)  I had so much glitter everywhere and then, of course I spilled the little bottle, and even though only the little sprinkle spout was open, glitter went everywhere.

So that wasn’t enough stress for one day, and I made another video, because one moment of torture is definitely not enough.  This one was for Honey and her anxiety.  The veterinarian suggested we buy this pheromone that the mother dog produces and it’s supposed to ease the anxiety in her puppies.  Studies have shown that this pheromone will work for dogs of all ages.  They suggest that you spray it around their kennel, (she’s never in her kennel unless we are not home.)  The alternative is to spray a bandana and tie it around her neck.  Great, perfect plan.  Rich and I went to Joann’s and he chose some fabrics that he could live with.  He wasn’t thrilled with them, but eventually he decided they were acceptable for his dogs.  So I bought the material and some sort of fray stop.  I used the old bandana from our last groomer visit as a template, traced it and cut them out using pinking shears so they won’t fray.  I wasn’t convinced the fray stop product would work, considering my dogs would be using the bandanas as a tug of war tool.  I made the video and said that I would put the bandana on Honey and report back after she had any kind of anxiety to determine whether or not the pheromone works.  By the way, the vet sells a bottle of this for around $40 and I found it on a diabetic website (not sure what anxious dogs and diabetic humans have in common),  for less than $15 with shipping included, for the exact same product.

It’s now been about four hours since I put the bandana on Honey and it’s now partially (ok, mostly) shredded and Rich raised his voice and Honey peed everywhere.  I’m going to say that this is probably not going to be the answer to Honey’s anxiety, but apparently it was a lot of fun to tear apart.  Geez!

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