Jennifer McGuire’s Stamp Tracing Technique using Stabilo 68 Pens

This technique would work better if the image had fewer lines (in my opinion.)  You might also notice that I thought I was using the largest stamp and only used the two smaller sizes, but I was committed and decided not to remake the card, because Jennifer says she doesn’t get rid of a card once she’s really worked on it..

Jennifer used gel pens and I did try using the gel pens, but I couldn’t get a good result and I think that’s because I can’t hold the gel pens properly to get a clean line.  So I went to my Stabilo 68 Pens and used them instead.

I ueed two floral stamps that had a lot of nice lines in them and thought that would work well for this technique.  I made masks of the two smaller size flowers on a post it note pad and then I stamped using Stampin’ Up basic grey ink that I stamped off onto scrap paper and then stamped it onto the top folding card.  It is 11″ high by 4 1/4″ wide scored at 5 1/2″.  I stamped a flower on a scrap paper then randomly on the card (leaving room at the top of the card for the sentiment.  I repeated the process and again, thought I used the biggest flower but used the middle size one again.  I filled in any empty areas with the smallest flower stamping it so it ran off the side of the paper.  I used the Stabilo markers to trace the light lines that the grey ink left behind.  I only used an orange and red marker color.  Because my markers were thicker than a pen would be, I don’t think my card is as nice and clean looking as it would have been if I had used the gel pens.
I decided the would look better if I embossed them, so I used Marvy embossing markers and retraced my lines and then used clear Ranger embossing powder to emboss them.  After using the heat tool, I put some glittery black embellishments in the centers of my flowers.  The sentiment was done using the Marvy orange marker and clear embossing powder.
Unfortunately, my sentiment and the flowers do not have any maker information on them so I can’t tell you the manufacturing information and I apologize for that.
I used a stencil from Stampin’ Up to use the polka dots and used the black Marvy marker to be able emboss them and make the polka dots match the centers of the flowers.  I bought those embellishments at Michaels and don’t know what they are called.  In the end, I cut the front off of the card and cut it down to 5 1/4″ x 4″ and put it on a red card base that measured 11″ 4 1/4″ scored at 5 1/2″  I hope you enjoyed this card, I’m still not sure I love it, but the technique I don’t think is one that works well for someone with hand issues as tracing with gel pens isn’t as easy as with a marker.

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