I have to say that sometimes I might be crazy, or at least on my way to becoming crazy.  How many times can I tell you that I’ve lost a video,  or erased a memory card, or lost the memory card, or finally deleted the video from the memory card?  Well apparently, no matter what excuses I’ve made in the past, there’s always another one to add to the list.

I just finished two new videos today and was taking the memory card out of the camera.  Now for common people, (people who lack extraordinary abilities such as myself), you would eject the memory card and proceed on your way.  Not so if you have my infinitely impressive skill set.  I was able to eject the memory card and turn it into a projectile that landed, well, who knows where.  At first I felt it was only a matter of time and searching, and I would eventually find the memory card.  The appropriate amount of time had passed so I enlisted Rich to help find the card.  He did a terrific job of searching and looking under and inside of cabinets etc., to no avail.  It was at that point that I mentioned how police have a set amount of time before a missing person is considered seriously missing, and we had reached that point with the memory card.  The point that it’s probably never going to be found.  I spent three more hours and I have yet to find the missing card.  I guess we will add this to the many ways I have lost a video before it’s been uploaded.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep you in the loop and if it does appear, you’ll be the first to know.   I feel so foolish, because we all know Jennifer McGuire wouldn’t have lost a memory card in such a crazy way.


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